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Trenton, Tennessee 38382, États-Unis Numéro de demande477
11 septembre 2019

Prepare, inspect, adjust, handle and move finished products for shipping or storage per prints and specifications.


  • Build shipping units of products using crates, pallets, boxes including banding or stapling for product packing.
  • Inspect, repair as required, count, assemble and pack product to be shipped or placed in stock according to drawings, procedures and other instruction.
  • Attach all labels and tickets to package product and coordinate location destination(yard, dock or stock) as required.
  • Document production and quality activites as required using forms, computers and specialized tools.



  • Education: High school or equivalant
  • Experience:1-3 years in a manufacturing production assembly, shipping or logistical environment.
  • Certificates and Licenses: none
  • Must be able to read, understand and apply blueprints, job/part specifications, measuring devices and tools, various production sheets, stock and inventory documentation and shipping/receiving documentation.
  • Must be able to communicate verbal and written with supervisors,management, vendors and coworkers regarding work related tasks, coordination, schedules and other job related issues
  • Must possess strong safety attitude and ability to adhere to all safety requirements and practices
  • Meet daily production quotas
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must pass a drug screen and background check
  • Must be authorized to be employed in the United States
  • Must be able to work a full time base schedule
  • F(Frequent: required activity 2.5-5.5 hrs/day)                     
    C(Constantly: required activity 5.5+ hrs/day)

    O(Occasionally: required activity 0-2.5 hrs/day)

    • Stand =C     
    • Walk=O
    • Bend=F
    • Twist/Turn=C
    • Vibrations/Jarring=O
    • Reach outward=F
    • Squat or Kneel=F
    • Handling/Gripping=C
    • Reach above shoulders=O
    • Push/Pull
      • 12-25lbs=C
      • 26-40lbs=F
      • 41-100lbs=O
    • Lift or Carry
      • 10-20lbs  =C
      • 21-50lbs  =C
      • 51-100lbs= F
      • Above 100lbs =O
    • Continuous exposure to heat, cold, noise, fumes, smoke, dusts, odors and outdoor conditions. Close proximity to moving mechanical parts,welding flash, electrical current, fork lift  and vehicle movement/traffic, crane operation.
    • Ability to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (Hearing protection, safety glasses, gloves, steel toe safety shoes)

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    • Trenton, Tennessee 38382, États-Unis